There are decided benefits to choosing a centre console layout for your weekend recreational craft. We always feel that it is important for captains to intimately consider the purpose of their new vessel and make an informed decision when looking at a centre console boat for sale.

  • Complete points visibility. The location of the steering and control console on the centre line of the boat allows for full 360° visibility of the ocean around the boat. Visibility is not restricted by the cabin construction nor slanted towards starboard. A centre console increases safety and facilitates easier manoeuvring.
  • Improved stability. The steering console and passenger seats are arranged on the boat’s longitudinal centreline, which laterally distributes the weight evenly. The result is increased stability and less rolling due to unbalanced weight distribution.
  • Great freedom for fishing. The two benefits of a centre console boat mentioned above allow freedom to fishermen to move around the boat when reeling in a catch. The open design is also beneficial, where the fishing areas are usually restricted to the aft deck.

Why Choose Makaira Boats Over an Other Centre Console Boat for Sale?

There are many excellent boat designs on the market, using diverse materials such as fibreglass, plywood and aluminium for the hull construction. Our high standard of material choice and attention to detail during the construction phase set us firmly apart from the competition regarding centre console plate boats.

  • Design. All our boats are designed for ocean use using naval architecture, either as one of our stock models or a custom design according to your specifications. The final designs are extensively tested using state-of-the-art computer modelling software, ensuring excellent handling characteristics and improved safety.
  • Materials. Makaira Boats uses 8mm 5083 H116 aluminium plates that conform to BV, DNV or Lloyd’s certification. All seams are fully welded, so we offer a limited lifetime warranty on the hull.
  • Accessories. Only the best Garmin radar and sonar units are factory installed on our boats. The same rule applied to the marine-grade stereo and LED lighting. We do all the finishing and upholstery in-house, which guarantees fine workmanship.

Browse our catalogue of centre console boats for sale in Australia and enjoy maximum stability and durability.