Our boats stand out from the competition. How many other manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their hulls? How many other competitors put the entire focus on the client’s wishes throughout the design and build process? While you may be looking for StabiCraft boats for sale, learn how our three-step process will provide you with the boat of your dreams.

  • Our design process is second to none. We work with you to understand your specifications. Once finalised, we create 3D plans of your boat and work through every detail until you are thrilled with the result.
  • We invite you to visit us during the build process since every single step occurs at our manufacturing facility. When you meet the teams that cut plate on our CNC router, paint, and upholster the final product, you’ll appreciate the amount of work that goes into what we do for you.
  • We will spend an entire day on the water with you upon delivery to ensure you grasp the features and feel comfortable handling it. We will answer any questions on the day and long after you ride away.

What Makes Makaira Boats Your First Choice

Our core focus is on-water performance. Only with high-quality craftsmanship can we deliver what you demand. We use only the highest quality materials with excellent attention to detail during the build process, and we finish with superb customer service. You may be searching for Dickey Boats for sale in NZ, but when you see what we offer, you’ll soon be sketching a design for your next Makaira boat.