Since starting in a shed in west Auckland in 2012, Makaira Boats has had an uncompromised approach to building aluminum plate boats. This consistent drive to achieve the best performing offshore boat, has led to the development of the latest generation hull, the Makaira Boats Gen3. The Gen3 pushes aluminum boats to a new level and achieves an aluminum flared hull. The flared hull is found in sport fishing boats from around the world, but many thought it was impossible to achieve in aluminum, and it can now be found in an aluminum trailer boat built in New Zealand.

The aluminum flared hull is being adopted throughout the Makaira Boats range, from the 750 right up to the 35ft. Apart from creating a unique look,the aluminum flare is also practical, resulting in a dryer ride that is softer and create lift in the bow. 

The Aluminium Flare is an additional feature that aligns with Makaira Boats standard features which make up the Makaira difference.