A Batch (Holiday Home) on the Water



It was boxing day when Marcus gave me a ring, he had just spent the last three days on the water at Oamaru Bay in the Coromandel with his wife Lisa, and they were keen to take me out for a spin in their Makaira 770 ‘Sassenach’. The equivalent in the new Gen3 would be the 800.

We launched at Oamaru Bay the next morning. I was impressed with how this ‘team’ got the boat in the water. Marcus reversed the trailer down the small narrow ramp, and Lisa drove the boat off the trailer. Marcus then parked the ute, while Lisa reversed the Makaira 770 back into the beach and picked everyone up. It was immediately clear that this boat was proudly owned by both Marcus and Lisa, and that the two of them shared the responsibility when out on the water. Marcus even commented on how he enjoys being able to sit back and enjoy his surroundings, knowing that Lisa is confidently at the helm.

We went for a run around some of the islands, it was a flat calm day and the Mercury 300 pushed the boat effortlessly. Marcus and Lisa took turns on the helm. Lisa mentioned to me that she was sick of using a bucket for a toilet, so the plumbed toilet was her favourite feature. Lisa also loved the table and chairs, where she could sit down, read a book and enjoy being out on the water - she called it her ‘Batch on the water’.

Both Marcus and Lisa commented on how much they loved their Makaira, and that coming from a fiberglass boat they had a few concerns but once they got their Makaira boat they were all put to rest. Their Makaira was better riding, quiet and finished to arguably a better standard than most fiberglass boats.

Check out the video review above and get a hear from Marcus and Lisa about what they think of their Makaira 770.