Seattle Boat Show Success!

The Seattle Boat Show was the first public display of the new Makaira Gen3, and it was a huge success. Tom-N-Jerry's boat centre in Mt Vernon, had their first Makaira Gen3 800 on display, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Throughout the show, thousands of people came aboard the Makaira Gen3 800 for a tour, and many could not believe that it was an aluminium boat. There was a constant stream of keen fishermen and boaties, tapping the side of the hull as they walked past just to check what the boat was made out of. The Carolina Flare was a stand out feature, and many commented that they did't think such a 'shape' was possible in aluminium. We hope to attend the Seattle Boat Show again.

Boat enthusiast and YouTuber Alfred Montaner was blown away by the quality of the build and nickname the boat 'Battleship Barbie. Check out the video below:

Makaira Gen3 800

Makaira Gen3 800 Walkthrough

Have a walkthrough of this Makaira Gen3 800. It has the new aluminium flared bow, and is powered by twin 200hp Mercury FourStrokes. This boat is destined for Brisbane, Australia and it an absolute weapon.


  • Makaira Gen3 800 SportFish
  • Twin 200hp Mercury Four Strokes
  • Top Speed: 44 Knots
  • Optimus Joystick Control
  • Garmin Electronics Package
  • Curved Toughen Windscreen
  • 8mm or 5/16" Hull
  • Designed to Lloyds structural standards
  • Fully plumbed electric toilet
  • Fridge
  • Table and Chairs
  • Fully Game Rigged with Outriggers

Makaira Claims World First is one of Australia's leading boating websites. When the Makaira Gen3 was released they had to get in touch to find out how a plate boat manufacturer created a carolina flare in aluminium - only we couldn't share this secret.

Check out the article below HERE.


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Since starting in a shed in west Auckland in 2012, Makaira Boats has had an uncompromised approach to building aluminum plate boats. This consistent drive to achieve the best performing offshore boat, has led to the development of the latest generation hull, the Makaira Boats Gen3. The Gen3 pushes aluminum boats to a new level and achieves an aluminum flared hull. The flared hull is found in sport fishing boats from around the world, but many thought it was impossible to achieve in aluminum, and it can now be found in an aluminum trailer boat built in New Zealand.

The aluminum flared hull is being adopted throughout the Makaira Boats range, from the 750 right up to the 35ft. Apart from creating a unique look,the aluminum flare is also practical, resulting in a dryer ride that is softer and create lift in the bow. 

The Aluminium Flare is an additional feature that aligns with Makaira Boats standard features which make up the Makaira difference.