The Seattle Boat Show was the first public display of the new Makaira Gen3, and it was a huge success. Tom-N-Jerry’s boat centre in Mt Vernon, had their first Makaira Gen3 800 on display, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Throughout the show, thousands of people came aboard the Makaira Gen3 800 for a tour, and many could not believe that it was an aluminium boat. There was a constant stream of keen fishermen and boaties, tapping the side of the hull as they walked past just to check what the boat was made out of. The Carolina Flare was a stand out feature, and many commented that they did’t think such a ‘shape’ was possible in aluminium.

Boat enthusiast and YouTuber Alfred Montaner was blown away by the quality of the build and nickname the boat ‘Battleship Barbie. Check out the video below: