Inboard Boats

Designed for marine enjoyment, our inboard boats provide multiple benefits for various activities. Whether for extreme deep sea fishing or offshore cruising, you can choose a specifications to suit your requirements.

A Quick Overview of Our Inboard Boats for Sale

Besides a quiet operation and generous torque and power, our range of inboard boats for sale boasts the following:

  • Makaira Gen3 35. The largest boat in our inboard range in width and length, our Makaira Gen3 35 boasts an 900l fuel tank capacity, catering to extended trips. Weighing in at around 6000kg, and having our unique Aluminium (aluminum) carolina flare, the Gen3 35 is an offshore weapon that can go anywhere.
  • Makaira Gen3 1000 Inboard. This spacious inboard boat sleeps up to six people and includes an enclosed shower to ensure comfortable overnight trips. We manufacture the hull from aluminium, which is lightweight and durable enough to withstand the elements.
  • Makaira Gen3 850 Inboard. With a weight of around 4000kg, our range's most compact inboard boat equates to an easy-to-handle size with increased fuel efficiency. The inboard design provides an aesthetically pleasing open-plan layout without the visuals and sounds of an engine.

What You Can Expect from Our Inboard Boats

8mm (5/16') Aluminium (aluminum) plate, Carolina Flare, & underfloor structure designed to Lloyds Special Service Craft standards are just some of the feature that make up the Makaira Difference.

  • Specifications. All our inboard boats have 5083 aluminium (aluminum) plate as standard. 5083 aluminium (aluminum) plate is D.N.V, B.V or Lloyds certified.
  • Finishings. All of our boats have the interior finished to a standard that is comparable to a super yacht. From the lined cabin, to vinyl dash and roof lining, every area is set up for maximum comfort.
  • Electronics. High-quality  Garmin electronics ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. The Bluetooth-enabled Fusion stereo is sure to keep the good music playing when cruising into the sunset. Chat to our friendly team about our optional extras.

Fishing in a trailerboat means choosing a boat with bluewater abilities. We design our Makaira inboard boats to offer comfort and performance in all conditions. From our cosy and easy-to-navigate wheelhouse design to our underfloor structure designed to Lloyds Special Service Craft standards, we offer exceptional quality and style, tailored to your requirements.

Makaira Boat 750

Aluminium Plate Boats for Sale NZ

Perhaps every New Zealander has dreamt of buying a boat. Well, now is your chance with Makaira Boats. On-water performance is our core focus, and complete customer satisfaction is our goal. We design and create boats ranging from 7.5m to 10.7m, with inboard and outboard engines. If you’re looking for aluminium plate boats for sale in NZ, you’ve come to the right place.

More About Our Aluminium Boats for Sale

All our boats are built entirely in-house, right from the cutting of the materials to the painting and upholstering. We ensure top-quality finishes on all our boats so that our customers get the best we have to offer. As we’ve expanded as a company, we’ve not compromised on quality.

  • Aluminium hulls: Our hulls use 8mm 5083 marine-grade plates with full-depth intercoastal frames and girders. Our non-developable, warped aluminium hulls have a variable dead rise, creating a stable and smooth riding boat.
  • Top designs: Our vessels are designed by qualified naval architects using the latest maritime architecture and engineering software.
  • Certification: We only use European-sourced aluminium plates that meet B.V., D.N.V., or Lloyds certification. You can rest assured that purchasing a Makaira Boat is a sound investment.

Who Are We?

Makaira Boats is an industry leader in the boat business. We focus our attention on building quality aluminium sport fishing boats. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our hulls because we know our boats are built to last.

Industry Leading NZ Boat Builders

We have the solution for you if you’re looking for your dream boat but cannot find what you want from an Australian plate boat builders. Aluminium plate boats have traditionally suffered a rather negative reputation. Until now, that is.

Makaira Boats are a leading NZ boat builders with years of professional experience working with marine architects. After years of working in the luxury yacht industry, we turned our attention to building the ultimate offshore plate alloy boats with superior on-water performance and sound seakeeping with long-range capabilities. Here are some of the reasons why we’re among the top NZ boat builders:

  • Our boats are designed to strict Lloyds Structural Standards to perform exceptionally in all conditions.
  • Every boat is designed and built by fully qualified and highly experienced plate alloy boat builders. Our team has it all, from naval architects to boat fabricators to systems engineers and fit-out and finishing professionals.
  • Every component of your brand-new boat’s hull is designed and fabricated in-house, using the latest naval architecture, engineering software, and advanced CNC machines.

Industry Leading NZ Boat Builders

We started Makaira Boats to fill a gap in the market for aluminium alloy boats that perform well under many conditions, featuring a carolina flared hull, superb handling, and a soft ride. Since our formation, we’ve become one of the most notable plate alloy boat builders, with agents from NZ, Australia, and the US lining up for our creations.

  • Our boat hulls are made from only the best quality 8mm, 5083 Marine Grade aluminium alloy plates, manufactured in-house from cutting plates to paint to final finishes.
  • We carry out stringent testing, including weight and balance studies, static and running trim analysis, and structural load analysis to ensure our boats perform optimally and last longer.

Are you looking for the boat of your dreams? Why not browse our full range of outboards and inboards?